Divorcing? Headed to court? There's a better option.


Mediation is a collaborative approach to resolving interpersonal difficulties, divorce and/or other legal situations. Mediation utilizes a highly-skilled neutral third party to navigate circumstances where two individuals cannot agree between themselves. Mediation can also prevent further damage to your relationship by teaching negotiation skills and providing useful tools that will help when future disagreements and conflicts arise.

Why Choose Mediation?



Mediation services are tailored to your family and your needs. Life is not a one-size-fits-all proposition and neither is your divorce or paternity situation. Mediation can help you resolve issues and find the perfect solution.



Mediation can take a litigation process which typically takes many months (and can stretch into years) and resolve it in a matter of days. Mediation makes it easier for both parties to achieve their best possible outcomes.



Uncontested divorces usually cost $1000 for each party. Contested divorces are much more expensive ($10,000.00 - $100,000.00+) and custody actions can keep both parties in and out of court for years. Mediation is better.



In mediation, you and your partner are in complete control. No judge is making decisions about your lives. As mediation professionals, we provide tools and approaches to find mutually beneficial solutions and keep your life in your hands.

  • Jane Couch
    I am so glad I chose mediation! It was faster and so much less stressful than my other options.
    Jane Couch
  • Jim Northup
    Rebecca was able to mediate not only my divorce case, but my domestic violence case as well. Mediating with her addressed all of my needs WAY better than going to trial would have.
    Jim Northup
  • Catarina Andrews
    Mediating my case was the best decision I made as part of my divorce!
    Catarina Andrews

Know Your Options

Avoid Court Drama

Going through a divorce is hard enough without adding the additional emotional stress and financial expense of a long court battle.

Would you prefer to keep your personal business private? Would you like to be able to work through the details of your situation painlessly?
Mediation may be your best option.

Choose an experienced mediator with years of legal experience who is calm and knows how to help tactfully diffuse emotionally charged issues while continuing to move forward toward resolution..

Why Mediation Matters

Mediation can help to preserve your relationships with a flexible, confidential and less stressful option to courtroom litigation. Meditations enjoy a higher compliance rate because both sides make the decisions and navigate the compromises together.

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Advanced Mediation