The Future of Family Law

Is Mediation Right for You?

Divorce, separation and domestic differences are difficult and the stress of a court-room drama can make your situation worse.
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Mediation will help you to navigate your situation, deciding together what is best, rather than leaving those decisions in the hands of expensive lawyers and a judge.


Not all mediators have the experience and knowledge of the law necessary to help you and your partner find equitable solutions to your differences. Rebecca is a qualified, compassionate and experienced mediator with a proven track record as a family law specialist and lawyer. She has what it takes to help you both get what you need.

Finding A Better Option - A Better Path

As a mediator, I know how privately mediated agreements can help resolve today's issues, while providing both sides with communication and negotiation skills to navigate future challenges. As a lawyer, I know how challenging divorce can be for both parties. As a parent, I know how much you want to spare your children trauma from parental separation.

Rebecca knows that this is a difficult time. "It involves the home where you live, your children, the car that you drive, your personal finances and everything that impacts your life. What you are dealing with is more than a court case, it impacts the rearing of your children, your relationships, and where you call home."

Rebecca knows the law, but she gets people. "I understand that this is more than the black and white on paper, this is a challenging and difficult and time. It's my job to help make it easier, not just now, but as you go forward. Helping you is why I specialize in mediation. It's a better option, a better path."

Dispute Resolution Experience

Alternate dispute resolution (ADR) is arbitration, mediation and negotiation. It's any type of resolution other than litigation. This was an area that Rebecca has specialized from the beginning of her practice. While still in law school, she mediated for the district court in Scott county.

Since that time, she has focused her practice on family law and domestic cases. She has been involved in mediation on both sides and as a guardian ad litem (usually the representative of a minor in a family court case.) Rebecca has worked with mediation from all sides during legal proceedings.

Rebecca has continued to specialize in mediation, by seeking out opportunities for advanced mediation training and skill building. Including attending a prestigious mediation conference given at NorthWestern University in Chicago.

When you need a mediator, choose one with experience as a mediator and knowledge of the legal system.

Mediation Skills and Training

In addition to years of experience in the courtroom and helping her clients navigate domestic difficulties, Rebecca is a certified mediator.

She has completed a mediation program specifically targeted toward family mediation and family law disputes. This program is one of the highest ranked programs in the nation. Her training specifically targets mediation approaches concerned with best outcomes. When the desire to win is paramount and is the focus, everyone loses -- especially children in cases involving them.

A qualified mediator, like Rebecca, can help you to find the best options and to come to agreements to spare everyone the difficulties of conflict and to provide the best outcomes. Instead of besting someone else or "winning" mediation helps to avoid a stance that makes it harder to keep the lines of communication open now and into the future.

  • Jane Couch
    I am so glad I chose mediation! It was faster and so much less stressful than my other options.
    Jane Couch
  • Jim Northup
    Rebecca was able to mediate not only my divorce case, but my domestic violence case as well. Mediating with her addressed all of my needs WAY better than going to trial would have.
    Jim Northup
  • Catarina Andrews
    Mediating my case was the best decision I made as part of my divorce!
    Catarina Andrews