The Steps of Mediation
The Mediation Process
March 10, 2020
How To prepare for mediation blog featured image
How To Prepare for Mediation
May 10, 2020

How To Determine Yours

To determine these, it is important to think about all of your possible options. Ask yourself, “If I do not settle here today, what will happen?” 

List all alternatives. Think about every option available if your current negotiation fails to settle.

  • Identify the options you would choose over the current settlement offer. The best or most valuable to your is your BATNA.
  • Identify the options you would not choose over the current settlement offer. The worst option is your WATNA.
  • Identify the most likely option, which is your MLANTA.

Why Negotiate?

People negotiate to obtain something they want or an agreement they need which is better than what they could achieve without negotiating. This means you take the potential negotiated agreement and directly compare it to your options if you don’t reach an agreement.

A skilled mediator can help you determine your BATNA, WANTA and MLANTA and discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses of each. Not all issues are best resolved by mediation. Sometimes your better choice is to reject the offered settlement and take your case to trial. 

Knowing and fully evaluating your situation, using these tools, will help you make an educated decision.